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Generally speaking, people’s most significant purchases in their lifetime will be in their homes. Making decisions about basement renovations and remodeling should include careful consideration of goals, implementation, and expected costs. Unfinished basements are usually the large usable area of a house and tend to be the most complicated to renovate on a practical level. Only full additions to homes generally require structure, heating, air conditioning, insulation, plumbing, flowing, etc. As a result, their cost and potential to provide more usable space to contribute to the overall home value are significant. This article will address questions of why to remodel a basement, how to renovate for individual goals, and how much homeowners should consider for a basement remodeling services.


Home Value – A very basic one thousand and five hundred square foot home with the main floor for living, and the second floor for sleeping, often has a basement of seven hundred and fifty square feet. Basements are generally cold and wet spaces that are merely used for storage and to allow access to essential home utilities like central heat, water heaters, sump pumps, etc.

Making that space “livable” through a competent basement renovation and remodeling can increase the usable area by 50%, and dramatically improve the value of the home. It is unlikely to improve the home’s value by 50% no matter how it elaborates the remodeling. However, finished, renovated basements commonly improve home values by 10% to 25%, and people are looking to sell their home find that a remodeled basement sets them apart from other sellers with similar homes for sale in the area.

Need More Space – Families grow as children get to include, and they get bigger as they age and demand more space. For example, bunk beds rarely work when you have two kids in their teens. Families and households also can grow in other ways; parents age and need help, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and any number of family members may run into challenges.


A basement remodels, basement renovation is often a great option. It is a separate space, within the household, that family can use to recover, rebuild, or retire. Basements offer people the opportunity to either stay out of the way or contribute without interfering with the established practices of the house.


Dad Needs a Project – Whether a handyman or a handywoman, basements are often renovated by people who believe that they can make something to be proud of in their spare time. It is viewed as out of sight, and a place to create a fun space or a refuge from their regular job. Basement renovations are very challenging, and homeowners need to be aware that there are much less expensive hobbies if that is a goal. When people start hammering nails, laying flooring, running pipe, and considering heating and insulation, a hobby may require some professional assistance.


Look at the Existing Basement – There are many types of basements. The most common have an uneven concrete floor angled to the sump pump, have an exposed ceiling, and house the equipment that serves as the foundation for the home. Here are some fundamental questions to consider:

  • Has it been finished before and basement renovation is all that is required?
  • Is it a raw space that will not require repair or demolition, or just new basement remodeling services?
  • Are the electrical, heating, and plumbing outlets in place or easily accessible?

Consider the Purpose – The goal of the basement renovation should always be paramount. Will someone lives there full time or is it just a space for fun? Is there a potential for income from the basement remodeling services? The goal of the work should guide homeowners in their decisions about how much time and money they spent to renovate the basement space.

If the basement remodeling services are intended merely to house a pool table for adult fun, or a kid’s space for big toys, that is one thing. If a person or people will be living their full time, a bathroom, temperature controls, and a variety of other factors become significantly more important.

The more demands a homeowner has for their basement remodeling services, the more careful they must be. Creating a living space for an aging parent is a dramatic endeavor that making a cool place to host poker games or creating a kid-friendly place to play out of the rain or snow.

Get All Residents of the Home Involved – People often miss this crucial step. Basements house the heater, the circulation for air conditioning, the plumbing, and once the work is complete remodeling a basement affects all the people living in a home. If the person who will use the basement remodeling services lives in the house, figure out how they can contribute. Even people with no construction skills can help paint, clean, and decrease costs paid to basement renovation professionals.

If it is a space for a family member or family fun, everyone should be prepared to help. Perhaps there will be a morning when one needs to move a water heater, and they may have to take a shower the night before. Depending on the amount of remodeling, there could also be more dusting and cleaning in the main home. If it’s just a play area for all, then all can contribute to keeping basement renovation service costs down.


This one is a bit like asking, “what does a car cost”? If you can weld, rebuilt engines, do bodywork, and find and install the replacement part. It gets a lot cheaper. For basement remodeling services, there is a similarly diverse set of skills. Here are the basics:

  • Basement floor planning,
  • Basement plumbing,
  • Basement ductwork and airflow,
  • Basement electrical,
  • Basement flooring,
  • Basement ceilings,
  • Basement wall structure, etc.

There are many details involved within each of these steps, and homeowners who are just trying to do a simple basement remodel to create a fun place in the house may not need to do all of them. It is the most straightforward overview.

Basement floor Planning – Lay it out on a piece of graph paper. Pool tables are common basement additions, but even a small table requires some thought. An eight-foot table, for example, needs about 200 square feet of unobstructed space. A bedroom with even a full bed requires a twelve by twelve room. Consider the layout before you spend a penny on materials.

Basement plumbing – Most plumbing runs at the ceiling level in a basement. A good general contractor can run water through the walls, but the challenge is usually adding a toilet. That often requires a jackhammer and an injection pump. That gets complicated and expensive.

Basement ductwork and airflow – Basement remodeling is challenged by temperature. Basements are generally below ground, stay cool in summer, and are too cold in the winter. Adequate heating ducts are vital if people are going to live there. Heat rises, and it’s usually best to overheat when people are living daily in a remodeled basement. Having a basement remodeling, renovation professional does it right will save money on energy costs.

Basement electrical – Basement renovations rarely have all the power outlets required. Don’t forget; they have very limited or virtually no windows, so the electricity supply is essential. There should be an outlet every several feet to support. There should also be the electrical capacity from above to illuminate basements that are almost always relatively dark places.

Basement flooring – Most basements have concrete floors, and they tend to crack as the house settles. They are also poured at an angle to make water management simpler. There are a few simple choices; lay a subfloor above the existing concrete or lay some cheap carpet or linoleum. Tile isn’t worth it. Usually, the basement floor will shift and crack the joints.

Basement ceilings – Most basement renovations use a “drop ceiling.” It is hung from the floor joists that support the main floor of the house. They create a vapor and sound barrier to the rest of the house and allow easy access to the infrastructure of a home. People can do a more traditional plaster ceiling, but costs will increase, and access for long-term maintenance will be limited.

Wall Structure – This is the type of job that usually requires someone with professional experience. Basement renovation and basement remodeling services must first deal with short walls, and great care paid to insulation. Most basements are two-piece constructions. One covers the concrete that was originally poured, and the tip level is boxed out with insulation. There are many choices to do this, but haphazard isn’t one.

Whether you call it finishing, refurbishing, remodeling, or remodeling a basement, it’s essential to have a goal, a budget, and get the family involved. The job can be as simple or complicated as you like. However, making a usable space that works to its purpose takes some time and consideration. Doing it without professional basement renovation and basement remodeling services assistance may seem the cheapest option, but it rarely is. A thought-out plan, getting the family involved, and talking to a basement remodeling professional is usually the most cost-effective path in the long run.


Basement Insulation

When it comes to maintaining and building a home, people often leave open basements as the final stage of completion. Turn a cold, concrete space below the main level of a house into a usable area with basement insulation installation services. These will not only add value to the property but can also help to save money in the household budget by reducing energy costs, especially if the property owner has chosen to insulate the basement space properly with one of many basement insulation companies available. By choosing to employ professional basement insulation installation services, homeowners can rest assured that their home is protected, warm, and controlled. Basement insulation companies are one of the best places to start when it comes to finishing a house in a professional and timely manner.


There are many reasons why a homeowner may choose to work with one of many basement insulation companies. The first and most important reason may be that the homeowner seeks to fulfill legal requirements for their residential area. In specific climate zones, it may require insulation for basements in residential spaces with a grade of insulation. Basement insulation installation services and providers will be well acquainted with these building codes and will be able to assist homeowners in understanding what requirements they need for their area.

Basement insulation companies may also be able to save a homeowner considerable costs in managing their home’s temperature and energy use. Regardless of the size or type of insulation used, most households will save money in these areas when proper insulation installation techniques used. Hiring professional basement insulation installation services will help to ensure that the basement has been adequately insulated, resulting in higher energy savings.

Though residential codes and significant savings in a home’s energy costs over time are both important reasons for hiring basement insulation companies, there is also the fact that a properly insulated basement area will be a more comfortable space for the home. When left unfinished, a concrete basement area rarely has a use to the homeowners and often becomes a storage area for unused items. Using basement insulation installation services will enable homeowners to create a usable and enjoyable space that can increase the value of the home in the long-term.


When it comes to hiring basement insulation companies, find a trustworthy and professional team is an essential task. Hiring professional basement insulation installation services can make all the difference when it comes to a finished product that homeowners can rely on to hold up over time.

While searching for the best fit for a basement insulation project, it’s important to consider things like experience and industry knowledge. The actual task of insulating a basement doesn’t require a degree or professional certifications but finding basement insulation companies that have experience working with multiple spaces and environments will serve to benefit homeowners in the long run. From knowing the types of insulation that will work best for the situation of the home to completing the insulation project quickly, the experienced team should always be the first company that homeowners call.


When it comes to basement insulation installation services, there are many resources available for completing a basement project without the help of the basement insulation companies. However, it is essential to consider the fact that industry knowledge is key to achieving a project of this scale and importance. Anytime a homeowner looks to work within the structure of their home; it is vital to make sure that the team working in their property has experience. From having the right tools available to expert recommendations for the longevity of the basement insulation, hiring professional basement insulation companies will save both time and money. Experienced basement insulation installation services can provide homeowners with peace of mind and knowledge that their home is in good hands.


When starting the insulation project preparation is essential. There are pros to both interior and exterior insulation that one should consider in the context of the home’s environment and needs. If insulating an existing home, homeowners should also identify any drains or potential leakage issues in the walls. This preparation will always be made by hiring professional basement insulation companies, as experts will be able to consult homeowners on the potential difficulties and provide expert advice on navigating those roadblocks.


Basement insulation companies will usually begin the process of insulating a basement by meeting with the homeowner to determine the extent of the basement insulation job. In some instances, this meeting is set up as a free consultation over the phone during which a customer care representative will assess the needs of the client. At this stage, the provider of the basement insulation installation services will be made aware of whether the homeowner requires interior or exterior insulation, whether the walls have been appropriately prepared with damp proofing and waterproofing layers, and will also identify any potential roadblocks that may hinder the basement insulation process. They will also make recommendations to the homeowner for the type of insulation required and the way the homeowner may plan on protecting and maintaining their insulation.

After understanding the nature of the services required, basement insulation companies will then visit the site to make final checks, measurements, and gather any other information that may be necessary to establish a comprehensive quote for the basement insulation installation services. Many basement insulation companies provide this service as a part of an entire basement build and will, at this point in the process, also provide the homeowner with a full-scale CAD rendering of their basement, outlining what they will be creating with their team.

After the team providing the basement insulation installation services has met with the homeowner, established what work they needed to do, and measured the space, they will provide the homeowner with a quote for their services. After the homeowner and the building team have agreed on a set amount, the basement insulation team will get to work on the project.

The time to complete basement insulation installation services depends upon the size of the project and the location of the insulation. If the insulation added to an existing building, it might take less time than if the homeowner has elected to do exterior insulation which usually gets complete in the early stages of the home building process. If the existing home has roadblocks like a drain or leakage, then the basement insulation company may need to workaround.


When it comes to insulating a basement, many insulation materials may be used. It is important to note that the type of material selected for the project should depend upon the location of the insulation, the needs of the space, and any desired sustainability or environmental goals that the homeowner may have. Basement insulation companies can determine these needs during the initial consultation. If the insulation is on the exterior of the home, it is recommended that homeowners look towards extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, closed-cell spray polyurethane foam, or mineral wool versus polyisocyanurate or other materials. For interior insulation, homeowners have more options, as considerations about the weatherproofing element if installing exterior insulation is no longer present. It is recommended that homeowners installing internal insulation to avoid mineral wool batts, fiberglass batts, and cellulose, as they will be less effective in maintaining proper insulation. Professional basement insulation installation services should be able to advise homeowners on alternative options if a more sustainable or environmentally conscious choice is what they desire.


Many basement insulation companies will finish their basement insulation installation services with recommendations for how to care for and maintain the recently-installed basement insulation. If the homeowner has selected a provider of professional basement insulation installation services, there shouldn’t be much for the homeowner to maintain, as the provider will have established any potential roadblocks in the beginning and will have made provisions in their installation to accommodate them. If there is a catastrophic event, such as a flood or fire, it is advisable to consult with one of the basement insulation companies to help and suggest a path forward to make sure that the basement remains appropriately insulated and free of mold or residue.


When it comes to selecting basement insulation companies or a provider of basement insulation installation services, it is essential to be informed of all aspects of the process to make sure that the home adequately prepared for basement insulation. It will ensure the longevity of the insulation and will create a streamlined process for the provider and the homeowner. Selecting basement insulation companies that are experienced in basement insulation installation services is essential to making sure that the project is completed promptly, is done with the appropriate materials, and that the plan satisfies any legal requirements or goals the homeowner may have for space. Correctly done, basement insulation installation services can have long-lasting benefits for homeowners. From saving on yearly energy and electricity costs to creating usable space in the home, basement insulation installation services companies should be at the top of the list for homeowners looking to make their basement a more efficient and usable space.


Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is quite merely prevention of water or moisture entering a basement if the basement is below ground level. There is always a danger of water entering the structure through cracks and weaknesses in the walls. Water can build up around the basement, raising the water table and leading to severe hydrostatic water pressure. Waterproofing is vital to keep a basement from feeling damp and becoming infested with molds and wood-boring insects. That all sounds like a lot to deal with, so it will be much less stressful and more time-efficient to hire some professional basement waterproofing services provider. If the basement has not been treated with a basement waterproofing course, there can be a multitude of problems including damage to items stored in the basement.

Most cellars or basements suffer from some degree of damp, and there is much debate about the best solution to prevent or treat this issue. Not to mention, the risk of flood. Therefore, it is worth putting the time and money into bringing in basement waterproofing services.


The basement of a property may rarely be visited, but once moisture enters the structure of the building, it can have profound consequences. Hired basement waterproofing services will be instrumental in preventing and remedying these.

For example, wood-boring insects love the damp, soft environment that moisture causes and the humidity that is often a side effect of a wet basement. Mould and mildew spores also thrive in moisture, and this can cause health issues for anyone in the basement. They can even penetrate the upper levels of the building, exacerbating respiratory problems that may exist with the inhabitants. Bringing in basement waterproofing services will ensure a prolonged defensive measure against these issues.


There is a multitude of reasons behind damp, which professional basement waterproofing services providers will be able to tackle. A very common cause is structural damage to the foundation walls. Basement waterproofing services will be able to detect and locate where the water enters the interior of the basement, then to check for cracks in the exterior wall.

Damp can also enter from weaknesses in the cove joint, or the point where the walls join in a corner. It is commonly caused by hydrostatic pressure which occurs after a substantial period of rain or snow which raises the water table.

Sometimes water can enter the basement over the foundation wall, if water comes from an adjoining property which slopes down towards the building, or if the wall has been built upon the exterior and allowed water access over the foundation wall. Water can seep in through the mortar and enter the basement that way.

There can also be pipe penetrations in the walls which produce vulnerable areas for water to seep in. But whatever the problem, the basement waterproofing services hired in will be able to identify it and, if they can’t fix it themselves, will recommend service partners that can.


If any of those problems are noticed, it’s likely that a basement waterproofing services provider is needed:

  • Condensation
  • Damp air and unpleasant smells of damp
  • Mold or mildew residue on basement walls or surfaces
  • Any evidence of water on the basement floor or walls
  • Blistering or staining of paint or wall covering
  • Cracks in walls
  • Buckling walls (caused by hydrostatic pressure)
  • White powdery residue found on the basement walls near the floor

These are dangerous conditions and must be addressed. For best results, hire in professional basement waterproofing services provider. Moisture attacks masonry walls, which can erode the wall. Once the basement waterproofing services provider completed the basement waterproofing project, it’s essential to keep the basement as warm and dry as possible to avoid humidity.


With the use of the appropriate basement waterproofing measures, a damp, unpleasant basement can be transformed into a dry, warm space.


Basement waterproofing services can be carried out in three main ways. The treatments are applied to the internal walls, especially in an existing structure, as treating an exterior wall is often a too complicated task. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional basement waterproofing services provider to do the intricate work.

Basement cavity wall membrane or cavity waterproofing system

This system is widespread and useful among basement waterproofing services. It involves a waterproof layer being attached to walls, diverting any build-up of water out of and away from the basement.

Professional basement waterproofing services will use effective and durable materials, but the effect can be achieved only by correctly applying a plastic lining to the wall. However, moisture can seep in and still cause damage in this case.

Alternatively, basement waterproofing services may spray a waterproof substance onto the wall, which has proven to be more effective than the plastic lining. The basement waterproofing services will then apply a drainage board to the coated wall and add a plaster cover. This method can be useful, however, in basements where condensation and light dampness are the main problems.

Sump and pump water removal

This type of basement waterproofing services technic involves the installation of a pump (or the sump). That removes excess water collected in a sump basin in the basement. Pumps can also be used with the cavity wall membrane basement waterproofing system.

In this case, the collected water is drained away to a safe, external place. The water is allowed into the property but then poured away. This type of basement waterproofing service technic is particularly useful if the area around the basement is prone to flooding. It works on the premise that some water may be expected to enter the basement at some point, so it’s better to deal with it and drain it away rather than assume basement waterproofing services are applied to the whole basement.

Additionally, this is regarded as a safe basement waterproofing service, mainly if a backup pump is installed in case of failure, and a warning system put in place in case of any damage or outage on the system. Cement covers the pump mechanism for added security against further water entry.

Cement tanking

A waterproof liquid coating (sometimes called a tanking slurry) is all that’s entailed in this brand of basement waterproofing services. It is applied to the wall. It coats the walls and floor in the basement and ensures the walls and floor are waterproof and stops any water from entering the basement. That is a theory about the basement waterproofing service technic, but it needs an expert to apply it correctly, as it can easily be misapplied and redundant. It is another reason to hire a professional basement waterproofing service provider.

The method chosen should reflect the age, position, and use of the basement. The makeup of the structure should also be considered, for example, if the building made of concrete or masonry and waterproofing system was once already used in the past.

It’s advisable to consult a basement waterproofing services expert to survey the basement before choosing the most appropriate option for the situation.  

Professional basement waterproofing services providers should assess the position of the basement on the water table and the soil types present in the surrounding land. It’s essential to carry out this phase of the survey, as it can in the long term save time and money. Both factors have a severe impact on the type of basement waterproofing that will improve effectiveness in the future.

Samples should also be taken from the walls of the basement to check for contamination.


It’s not only important to choose the type of basement waterproofing that is most appropriate for the building. Other factors also must be considered. There may be internal wiring or other amenities which need to be moved or raised to keep them from water damage if it arises in the future, and it is advisable to remove them from the site of the waterproofing completely. Other factors in deciding which method to choose, including how much time and financing available, how much noise and disruption can be tolerated, and what finish planned for the treated walls.


It is hard to work against nature, and water may still seep into a basement. Therefore, it’s important to look for defects in the waterproofing and act as soon as possible.

With cement tanking and cavity wall waterproofing look out for:

  • Cracks appearing in the basement waterproofing materials
  • Flaws in the materials used to undertake the basement waterproofing
  • Condensation on walls or floor

With a cavity basement drainage system, problems that can arise are:

  • Obstructions in cavities
  • Drain Blockages
  • Pump failure, including electricity failing

If a problem occurs, it’s best to go back to the company that installed the waterproofing in the basement and if that’s not possible try to find another one.


  • Additional comfortable working or living space
  • Increased space in the property
  • Added value to the property
  • Reduction of health risks
  • Savings on energy costs